How to Avoid Procrastination and Laziness Many times it has seemed that when we are feeling stressed about our to-do- list and avoid working over that then it becomes a stress for us and we do procrastination.

Procrastination means delaying tasks or important things by distracting with something other; that is not important.

For example when we had to do an important project and we go for socialization and when we had to meet someone importantly related to our business or career and we watch a movie and don’t come out of bed on that day, these are all examples of procrastination.

Steps To Stop Procrastination:

Understand Your Motivation And Interest:

if you feel that you are a person who needs interest and motivation for doing something. Try to attach your tasks which give you stress with something that motivates you positively.

Know The Emotional Cost:

How to Avoid Procrastination and Laziness think about the cost that you will have when you will not do the task for long and how much frustration and negativity you will have in the form of cost.

Make A To-Do List With Items You Usually Avoid:

make a daily routine of doing those tasks which you are avoiding for a long and stop doing those things which you were doing on daily basis.

Break Large Goals Into Smaller Ones And Make Sure That Is Realistic Or Logical:

make a plan of doing lager task by dividing into smaller ones so that you will be able to do that without taking stress that you were taking that it will take a long time to complete.

Change Your Language About Delaying Tasks:

rather than saying “I can’t “ say I will do this or I had to do this for my peace now.

How To Stop Procrastination
stop procrastination

Make Sketch:

draw a sketch on a page and write down the benefit of doing on time on one side and the cost of delaying on another side of the page so that you will realize with time about the cost of delaying is worse than the temporary peace that you got by delaying the task.

Reward Yourself

at the end of all delaying done tasks reward yourself with something that you ignored for completing the delayed tasks.

Stop Perfectionism:

mostly our tasks are delayed when we plan to do those with perfection and we end up not doing. Always do, avoided, or delayed tasks like a normal task so that stress will not come and you can easily able to do.

Forgive Yourself:

by condemning our self about not doing things on time is also another way of reaching towards doing tasks. So always try to forgive yourself for the past and focus on the present and future.

Check Your Environment :

sometimes our environment doesn’t allow us to do important things, so always check if anything negative around is pushing you towards delaying things, change the environment, and then try to do delayed tasks.

Get A Partner Or Support:

if you feel that you can’t do anything alone or you need some pushup from someone for doing something. Always try that delayed task with someone with whom you can easily end up.

Use A Calendar To Keep Track Of Things:

Always use a calendar so you know that what are you doing and what delayed tasks to do are.